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Through the Eyes of Spirit

A highly recommended read which lovingly reveals that death is not the end of our existence.

Through the Eyes of SpiritIn "Through The Eyes Of Spirit", Jenny reveals her unique perspective as a medium and explains how spirits communicate through her and why these moments of communication can change one's whole way of looking at life. Death is not the end of our existence and Jenny presents many warm, loving, and personal experiences that demonstrate this fact. Through The Eyes Of Spirit offers proof of our existence after death; what happens when the "silver cord" is severed; convincing, touching and heartwarming stories of the hereafter; assurance of the help we receive from spirit during our lives and at the time of our passing; a peek into the life of a medium; evidence of the accuracy (and humor) of what spirit can convey through a medium. Through The Eyes Of Spirit is rewarding reading for anyone with an interest in a metaphysical approach to death and what lies beyond.


A Beautifully Written True Account
"I loved your book. Through the Eyes of Spirit is one of those books for everybody who has fears of death, or for that matter, fears of life - a beautifully written true account of Jenny's journey from darkness to light. Today she helps a lot of people seeking answers as a much sought after psychic. Highly recommended!" ~ Prof. Hans Holzer, Ph.D. Author of more than 100 books, including "Life Beyond".

Highly Recommended
The first book I read on the afterlife and the best I have read on the life of a medium, Jenny Crawford's "Through the Eyes of Spirit" explains the works of a medium, how spirits communicate through her, shares past experiences and above all, brings proof of life after death. This book certainly changed the way I viewed death. I highly recommend this wonderful read to anyone with an open heart and mind. ~ Donna McNeilly.

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