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Spirit of Love: A Medium's Message of Life Beyond Death

Jenny's beautiful and inspiring book touches the hearts of the bereaved with hope-filled stories from the afterlife.

Spirit of LoveDo you ever have the feeling that you are not alone? The loss of a loved one is devastating, but what if you could receive a message from your loved one from beyond the grave? Spiritual medium Jenny Crawford explains how the spirit world orchestrates these meetings to promote healing and closure through these directives. Remarkable and reassuring, these stories will help readers gain an understanding of the other side, and enhance personal healing and spiritual growth. Spirit of Love provides compelling accounts of the afterlife, and offers hope and encouragement for those who have lost someone they love. Crawford also shares touching and funny stories of connections that she and her clients have made with the departed. Also included is a question and answer chapter and five different guided visualizations/meditations to help readers raise their spiritual awareness.


Through-out my life I have always explored the pathway of what happens to us when we die. My sixth sense has always told me that we do go on after this earthly life. Reading Jenny Crawford's book 'Spirit of Love' has convinced me of this. I like the way she writes without any frills, it is as though she speaks from the heart and I like that. Thanks for writing such an amazing book and God Bless you with your work. ~ John Edmond.

This is the best book I've ever read on life after-death. I enjoyed reading Jenny Crawford's first book - Through the Eyes of Spirit - but found her this book filled with even more valuable information. Best selling author Richard Webster has written the forward for this book, and I have enjoyed reading many of his books. Jenny's book left me filled with love and a positive outlook on life. I find her work very healing. ~ A Reader.

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