About Jenny

Supporting people to improve their lives.

image Jenny Crawford is a clairvoyant, psychic, and spiritual medium based in New Zealand who has committed herself to educating people about life after-death. She is an accomplished leader, educator, author, speaker, and counselor. Passionate in her work, Jenny has also developed courses to help individuals gain better insights into their own innate spiritual and psychic talents.

Jenny has been a teacher and lecturer for over forty years. She is an international author and narrator of several books and meditation CD’s. She leads spiritual development workshops, seminars, and lectures, and gives both public and private clairvoyant demonstrations and readings. She is a spiritual counselor and adviser. Jenny says when working with people the key ingredient is translating messages of love and guidance from the spirit world.

     "To me the true work of a clairvoyant medium is to link people with their loved ones in the spirit world, to provide them with peace of mind, hope, and encouragement to continue with their lives, knowing that their loved ones in spirit have gone on and are safe, well, at peace and happy."

It has been her passion to work with people often empowering them to move forward in life with a renewed confidence and awareness knowing that they are being guided from above. Jenny passes on positive messages from the spirit world that help to facilitate and improve the quality in people’s lives. These messages can cover personal development, relationships, health, spirituality, financial guidance, and peace of mind knowing that we all receive guidance from Angels and Spirit Guides.

About Sharlene

Sharlene has been working as a Medium/Clairvoyant/Psychic for over twenty-years. She has given clairvoyant demonstrations in front of large audiences. Also leading spiritual development workshops and teaching private groups. Sharlene is a spiritual counselor and a directional spiritual life-coach, helping people reach their goals in life. She is committed to assisting people to find their true pathway in life and bringing love and guidance to all who talk with her.

The Crawford Productions team:
Jenny Crawford: Spiritual Medium, Director
Sharlene Crawford: Spiritual Medium, Marketing Manager
Michele Cobb: Creative Consultant