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I had the privilege of meeting Jenny in October of 1998 in Southern California and she is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. She presents powerful proof of life after death. Jenny Crawford enables people who have lost loved ones to go on living, by linking those in the spirit world with those on the earth plane. She gives those left behind hope and a reason to go on. Jenny Crawford's empathetic and warm personality comes through time and time again.

~Jenny LeBel,
Wrightwood, California

What an experience and delight it is to have a session with Jenny. She is in a class I would term extraordinary. It is not often that I receive information in the form of a session that really hits home. She is so specific, and a clear bridge connecting with departed loved ones. I felt so at peace, understood, and blessed in my session. She confirmed what I felt without me having to say a word.

~Sandy Breckenridge
Kauai, Hawaii

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"To me the true work of a clairvoyant medium is to link people with their loved ones in the spirit world, to provide them with peace of mind, hope, and encouragement to continue with their lives, knowing that their loved ones in spirit have gone on and are safe, well, alive and happy."

Reverend Jenny Crawford

Monarch Butterfly Wing - Psychic, clairvoyant, and spirit medium

Jenny Crawford - psychic, clairvoyant, and spirit medium

Jenny describes herself as a "middle woman" between those in the spirit world and those still living on earth. She is clairvoyant medium dedicated to educating people about death not being the end of our existence based on her many personal and heartwarming experiences.
For over 30 years Jenny has been working as a clairvoyant medium offering private psychic readings to thousands of clients worldwide.With the introduction of Skype Jenny is able to do online readings for overseas clients. Conducting private tuition,spiritual development workshops, and lectures to sold out audiences at special Forums and Clairvoyant Demonstrations. Her hometown is Tauranga, New Zealand where Jenny often demonstrates her work with audiences of up to 1,000 people.

To Learn about Jenny's intensive intuition course click here.

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Jenny and her husband Rob are now permanently based in New Zealand.
To be Published :
Title and Publishing date to be announced.
A Handbook for Intuitive Development

Authors: Jenny Crawford & Corinn Codye

We were guided by those in the spirit world to write a self-help handbook of instructions and ideas to help people discover, develop, and enhance their psychic and spiritual gifts. I have combined my talents with our longtime friend and editor, Corinn Codye, an intuitive and author herself, and an inventor in the field of tai chi and qigong, to produce this practical manual that is chock full of information and exercises. Think of this book as containing information that the spirit world would want you to know. We are very excited about this handbook for spiritual and psychic development and hope sincerely that it will lead you to experience the happy and uplifting connection that is available between the physical world and the spirit world.

The following includes past travel destinations.

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  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • United States
  • California
  • Cambria
    Dana Point
    Laguna Beach
    Long Beach
    Los Angeles
    Mission Viejo
    Orange County
    San Clemente
    San Diego
    San Francisco
    San Juan Capistrano
    San Marcos
    Santa Barbara
    Thousand Oaks

  • Oregon


  • Hawaii:
Hilo - Big Island
Kona - Big Island
Honolulu - Oahu
  • Nevada:
Nevada City
Las Vegas
  • Washington:
  • Montana
  • Idaho

Monarch Butterfly - psychic clairvoyant and spirit medium
More Information

When on tour, Jenny is available for Clairvoyant Demonstrations, Individual Psychic Reading Sessions, and Book Signings. If you wish to sponsor a spiritual event in your area, or receive more information, please email Jenny by clicking here.

Jenny is now available for long distance sessions and Past Life readings. If you are interested in receiving an e-mail reading from Jenny please send her an e-mail by clicking here to request information. You will receive a reply outlining the details for receiving a private absent reading.

Monarch Butterfly - psychic clairvoyant and spirit medium

Here are some wonderful Testimonials about Jenny's absent Readings

...I received my wonderful tape yesterday. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, I enjoyed it so much. I have had only two other readings before this one (many years ago) and they both left me wondering if anyone could truly read me...Bless You, Love JoAnn

...I would like to say thank you very much for my excellent reading that you gave me. I have listened to my tape at least four times and I felt really happy that you described my mother so well, and you said that I wore her engagement ring which is very true. Also you named my grandmother, mum's mother as Anne, so I felt really at peace that they are around us all. I feel so much better after the reading and I really appreciate your time. I will definitely buy your next book so please let me know when you publish it...Kind Regards, Maree Till

...I just wanted to thank you for my absent reading. You mentioned the name Mary, my mothers name was Mary and she died of cancer and with great weight loss as you said. She was a very spiritual woman, and just before she died she told me that people were waiting for her in the spirit world, and that she could see them. She told us ROBERT from the spirit world was with her, and my brothers and sister all said mom was hallucinating, only dad and I knew she was truly seeing spirit. You mentioned Robert in the reading, he is my dads brother. My dad passed very fast, again you were so very accurate. You said my dad had trouble communicating his feelings, well in a letter he left me he said "Robbie I have never been able to put things into words, as your mum could, but have loved you so much." You mentioned an Indian guide from Chief Joseph's tribe, well a couple of days before your tape arrived I was in a book store and reading a book about Indian tribes, and the section I read (at random) was on chief Joseph and his tribe! I know how hard it must be to do an absent reading, but your reading was very accurate and extremely uplifting to me...With Love, Robbie Burns

To learn more about Jenny's book, "Spirit of Love: A Medium's Message of Life, Contato Espiritual or "Through the Eyes of Spirit," click here.

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Rob & Jenny Crawford
Email Jenny to ask questions about her on location clairvoyant demonstrations or to receive an on-line reading

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